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Sorted according to fandom and pairing

001. 7 Days with Mr. Arrogant Two-parts, complete; Armed with nothing but a Louis Vuitton suitcase, a Goyard Weekender, and an obligatory vacation leave to nurse a broken heart, Kurt Hummel is now back in Lima, Ohio.
Noah Puckerman/Kurt Hummel; R

Harry Potter
001. Love or Something Like It.
(Harry/Draco); Drabbles
002. Hypothermia.
(Harry/Draco); Drabbles
003. And I Sit Here, Waiting.
(Harry/Draco); Drabbles
004. Paradox
(Harry/Draco); Drabbles
005. Morning Showers
(Harry/Draco); Drabbles
006. 20 Episodes Within the Nest of Falcons
(Harry/Draco); One-shot set in the post-war era: Boka Kotorska, Montenegro. Impulsion leads to coincidence.
007. Rock Hard Vice
(Harry/Draco); Written for hd_holidays gift recipient crumbfreebread: Just how many times can you read the word sex?
008. Hi, My Name is Harry and I'm an Alcoholic!
(Harry/Draco) Written for hd_worldcup.
009. Pint-Sized Surprises (or Lily is a Pint-Sized Sherlock Holmes)
(Harry/Draco) Written for hd_career_fair, Wherein Lily Potter aspires to be Sherlock Holmes and when that fails, to be Emma from Jane Austen.
010. Adrift in the Sea of Paper Lanterns
(Harry/Draco, Draco/OC) Written for hd_fan_fair: In a seaside village on the island of Yim Tin Tsai, there exists a young Englishman who lives in a dilapidated shack and takes daily walks on the beach. (Distance has no way of making love understandable.)

High School Musical
001. Welcome to Holywood Baby, There Ain't Nothing Like It.
(Troy/Ryan); 1/3

001. Il vous aime, c'est secret Futurefic. Two strangers (who aren't really unfamiliar to one another) meet at a café and improbably fall in love.
(Brian Joubert/Stephane Lambiel); 4/4, co-written with i_l0ve_my_az, Figure Skating slash.

Original Fiction
001. Novocain in my System
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
002. Smile Like You Mean It
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
003. To Right a Wrong
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
004. Productive Extortion is Figurative
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
005. Anachronism
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
006. Wonton Soup
For the First Class Tickets to Nowhere arc
007. Skin Deep
A tiny snuff drabble about a girl and her crush.
008. The Adventures of Liz Luthor
A Smallville-DC gender bender spinoff starring Liz Luthor (a not quite original fiction).
009. Ninety-Eight Percent Complete, Titanium-Lined Android
The short story (that later turned into a full-blown play) about the lesbian robots; written for Sir Glenn Mas' writing workshop.
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