dadomz (dadomz) wrote,

7 Days and a Lifetime with Mr. Arrogant

Title:7 Days and a Lifetime with Mr. Arrogant
Rating:PG13 R18
Notes:To get a glimpse of how the Puck/Kurt dynamic worked, I had my 6’5 boyfriend kiss my 5’5 self—that made for good research. Thank you byte366 for the thorough beta work and the useful insights.
Warning:It’s R18 for a reason—so err, swearing, innuendoes, and mentions of alcohol will be present (if not, rampant). Also, for the benefit of everyone else, I’ve included several mentions of High School Musical characters in this story. Crossovers are usually not my “thing” and they may not be yours too, so I’ll totally forgive you if you decide to not bother (reading).
Disclaimer:Don’t own anything, not even those cheap Jeffrey Campbell, Balmain knock-offs.
Summary:Armed with nothing but a Louis Vuitton suitcase, a Goyard Weekender, and an obligatory vacation leave to nurse a broken heart, Kurt Hummel is now back in Lima, Ohio.

7 Days and a Lifetime with Mr. Arrogant.
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