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is a brave little toaster.

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WHO YOU?! ._.
dadomz was an integration of my moniker, domz, and a good friend's nickname, dada (currently: i_l0ve_my_az). I was formerly a Fine Arts student, majoring in Information Design. If it isn't obvious, I am currently very unemployed. You may have heard of me from my fashion blogs or my semi-retarded multiply posts, or plainly perhaps, the company I keep (yes, famous cosplayers and whatnot)--so it's no surprise that little know about my love affair with fan fiction. I've been a big Potter fanatic circa 2000; a Harry/Draco shipper, 2002. I am also a big fan of rock music--electronica, indie rock, vintage woodstock rock, semi-metal, folk rock, and classical music to the point that I sleep with my beat-up 4th generation iPod video (I will be upgrading soon). I am rude and ill-tempered, often tactile. I am also crass and moody. My sense of humour offends people. Please de-friend, de-friend, de-friend. Although I've long dreamed of running away and joining the local cabaret, I cannot sing for the life of me, nor can I dance. In fact, I can give Brian Kinney a run for his money if he so decides to have a robotic dance-off. I am not a stalker, okay? I am not some 80-year-old geezer who derives pleasure in lolita porn although I will admit to having a few chan-slash manga in my archive (I swear, I have no idea how they got there). As a child, I had three ambitions--it was either to be: (a) Chinese, (b) Blonde, or (c) be a man. Unfortunately, I do not have a cock--although I wish I had one so I can parade in jock straps. I am a Eurasian mongrel--I am part English, part German, adn part Chinese (although right now, I am in my Korean-ambition phase). As I have no cock, I am, quite obviously, a woman. Despite so, I am a misogynist pig--I know right, how'd that happen? I am a pretentious wannabe and my apathy is as appalling as my Burberry scarf during the summer heatwave. Earlier on, when I was a size negative 3, with hips the size of swizzle sticks, I moonlighted as a model. I still model from time to time despite the fact that I've gained an entire stone (and birthing hips)--but only to pay for my piling credit card bills (I have yet to pay for that dratted Balenciaga City bag). I love sports--my friends think, had I been born a man, I would have most likely been a football jock. Well, they are right, I am a jock--a female jock however, who can outrun any man and who won't hesitate to jump through hurdles if you so decide to up and steal her Chanel 2.55. At some point in life, I was also a former scrabble champion cum self-proclaimed grammar nazi who hates proof-reading ANY of her works. Therefore, it is easy to surmise that I am a big pretentious hypocrite (is that an oxymoron?).I am Domz and I may be a pathological liar. Howdy.

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