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I know specifically that everyone wants a little excitement in their lives. Well, see, allow me to go around talking about what's going to happen next week as opposed to what usually happens to me a few weeks prior. So next week will be Ateneo's Recruitment Week for Unaccredited Orgs--this will be held at the Colayco Pavilion from June 26 - June 27, 2008 (Thursday and Friday) and FAS or The Freelance Artists Society will be there to open its doors to possible new members.


Of course, we won't be alone, there'll be other orgs trying to recruit others based on their vested interests so please, please, please, allot at least, five minutes of your to check the entire scene out. I swear, it will be fun and it will be worth your while--so okay, it might not be mind-gasmic or anything numinous but I mean, seriously, if you guys have nothing else better to do in between breaks and you just want to bum out or be productive, head over to our corner! There, you will most likely:

1. Be able to view tons and tons of beautiful artworks showcased by previous FAS members.
2. Play Tekken side by side with our officers via PSP! You can try kicking their asses, seriously, they're that good!
3. Play Cooking Mama via Nintendo DS (or well, any possible games but you know, that's my top pick)
4. View laptops and play WoW or DoTA or just watch DVDs--we've got an impressive collection!
5. Or just sit down on one of our cushions, talk with us, listen to musics blaring from our ipods and go on to a vanilla-laced, rainbow-filled daze.

FAS started out as this vision to cater to all artists in Ateneo--or hell, even beyond Ateneo. It's a haven started out by my dear friend Mye Chung and through compounded efforts, we were all able to come up with an organization that allowed people to freely express their creativity and keep their creative juices running around the mill. Last year was quite a year for us, it was fun-filled and informative--we even had quite a blast concocting Fuzio.

So this year, FAS would like to continue providing itself as an avenue for creative self expression.

For some strange reason, I just wound up being the president--I swear, they had to tie me up and club my head repeatedly with croc prima flats just to get me to agree. That aside, it really was an honor, FAS has opened so many opportunities to everyone--we've hooked budding photographers up to intern under great geniuses, allowed traditional artists to explore beyond their fields, and showcased a variety of talent from all other visual arts field. I mean, I, for one, was considered and accepted to every single internship position I applied to prior to senior year just because of FAS' Fuzio event.

And so I want to keep the tradition alive--like, allow the legacy to live on. I want to provide people with the same opportunities--I mean, we'll have talks and workshops geared for the improvement and additional experiences in which ever field you excel in or would like to give a shot. We have little parties and fun-filled activities (like photo shoots, photo booths, art contests) that will allow you to meet people, produce something artistic, and just be in a society where it's okay--no, praised, even--to be bohemian, to be weirdly creative, to spout artistic jargons once in a while! To be in a place where you can belong and where you can find an outlet to share and showcase your talent!

Admittedly, I'm not a good artist but I think I'm a passable designer. Of course, being a designer entails work and logic but not too much of creativity--although creativity is a crucial point. FAS has helped me develop my creativity--where it allowed me to explore, push my capabilities further than I thought possible.

What more? This year, FAS' goal is directed more towards social involvement. THe first list on the agenda is to meet people, get to know people you share a common interest with, and build connections you will surely find crucial in the future. After that, we want to go by Ateneo's adage of being:

"MEN FOR OTHERS" or something of the same effect.

As artists, we need an audience. So okay, some of us are romantic in ideals and that we do "art for art's sake" but let's face it, for us to grow, we need people to see our work and we need them to tell us what they think of it, what emotions are evoke, how it changes the world.

Good design changes the world.
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